Los trabajos y opiniones que aquí se exponen son orientadores de lo que se publica en Cuba y en el mundo sobre aspectos relevantes de la hipertensión arterial.


Self-Monitoring of Blood Pressure for Improving Adherence to Antihypertensive Medicines and Blood Pressure Control: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Por: Masumeh Hosseininasab, Zahra Jahangard-Rafsanjani, Abbas Mohagheghi, Amir Sarayani, Arash Rashidian, Mohammadreza Javadi, Alireza Ahmadvand, Molouk Hadjibabaie,  y Kheirollah Gholam.    American Journal of Hypertension  Volume 27, Issue 11 Pp. 1339-1345.

Self-monitoring is reported to have limited efficacy for hypertension management in high-income countries. In this study, we aimed to evaluate the effect of self-monitoring on blood pressure (BP) control in an Iranian population. A randomized controlled trial was conducted on 196 mild to moderate hypertensive patients in an outpatient cardiovascular clinic. Patients in the intervention group received a wrist self-monitoring device and were educated to measure and document their BP daily during the study period.  Our study could not confirm that self-monitoring can improve BP control in patients with frequent medical visits.


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En esta sección les exponemos algunos artículos publicados sobre la hipertensión arterial.

3-articulos-interesantesRevista de: Hypertension Research

Effects of antihypertensive drugs on central blood pressure: new evidence, more challenges

Por: Giacomo Pucci, Francesca Battista y Giuseppe Schillaci.   Hypertension Research (2014) 37, 10–12.

High sodium augments angiotensin II-induced vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation through the ERK 1/2-dependent pathway

Por: Gang Liu, Hirofumi Hitomi, Asadur Rahman, Daisuke Nakano1, Hirohito Mori, Tsutomu Masaki, Hong Ma, Takahiro Iwamoto, Hiroyuki Kobori y Akira Nishiyama.   Hypertension Research (2014) 37, 13–18.

Efficacy of losartan and carvedilol on central hemodynamics in hypertensives: a prospective, randomized, open, blinded end point, multicenter study.

Por: Eung Ju Kim, Woo-Hyuk Song, Jae Ung Lee3, Mi-Seung Shin, Sahng Lee, Byeong-Ok Kim, Kyeong-Sun Hong, Seong Woo Han, Chang Gyu Park y Hong Seog Seo.  Hypertension Research (2014) 37, 50–56.